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IPRC-Gishari students were given a campaign to fight the new HIV infection

Young people studying in IPRC-Gishari in Rwamagana district have been asked to pay attention at this time, avoid having unprotected sex because the AIDS epidemic is still there.

It was announced on Friday that the AIDS HealthCare Foundation (AHF Rwanda) which fights against the AIDS epidemic, was conducting a campaign against new HIV infections at the IPRC-Gishari University in the Rwamagana region.

Research conducted by (RBC) shows that the number of people infected with AIDS in Rwanda is currently 230,000, or 3%.

It is an event that took place on Thursday, October 6, 2023 where the AHF Rwanda organization continued the campaign, in order to ensure that the AIDS infection among young people is reduced.

Mutungirehe, a 25-year-old student at the University, said that having unprotected sex is not good because you can get pregnant unplanned or even get infected with HIV.
She said that those who lacked self-control would use condoms.

AHF Rwanda Prevention Programs Manager Nteziryayo Narcisse said, “We came to the campaign to fight AIDS to remind Boys and Girls that AIDS is not going away, that’s why when we do campaigns like this we come with free condoms to even if you don’t have the money to expand, you can find it easy for him, so prevent him from having unprotected sex because he can come in contact with diseases including the HIV virus.”

Shema Fred, director of education at IPRC-Gishari, said that this campaign has helped students to take more precautions to avoid having unprotected sex because they are at risk of contracting HIV and other diseases.

He said, “AHF-Rwanda is proud of the campaign started by the students, and it is an advantage that they also give us condoms, which means that those who fail to control themselves will go and get condoms, and it is free.”

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