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They lie to make money abroad

Some Rwandans who flee the country still make fun of it and ask for asylum, many people are used to this when they look for a way to win the hearts of white people to live in these foreign countries and have asylum, but in reality, you will find that they are only fleeing their lust.
We know that journalists go abroad and lie about being harassed by their government, and when we go there, we wonder if these inconsistencies in front of white people are the ones that will make them reject their country of birth and country that raised them to study and get a government job.
Secondo Olivier after fleeing the country and going to Belgium, he was one of those who joined the gangs that decided to destroy the country of Rwanda, where he decided to join the opponents of the government, most of them are inspired by the ideology of genocide, and this is characterized by the division of Rwandans.
Secondo Olivier decided to follow the path of the heretics and apostates of RNC based in Belgium where he cooperates with criminals by worshiping genocide ideology, where he joined many of those who despised and denied the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda. But they lie and will not believe what they say. Say no, Ibigarasha and the genocidaires know it: you will never be more numerous than those who stand up to build Rwanda

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