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Ralex logistics shared a new year support with Purpose Rwanda beneficiaries

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Ralex Logistics Ltd is a descendant of Ralex general business Ltd which was licensed as a customs agent and has over the years undergone successful annual license renewal as a sign of compliance to requirements and standards by the Customs Services where it has more services such as Customs Clearing, Freight Transport by Road, Freight Air Transport, Sea Freight Transport, Warehousing and Storage, Cargo Handling, Sale of Motor Vehicles, Insurance and Air Ticketing and VISA

Purpose Rwanda Director Amanya Charles and Rusagara Alex co-founded and managed Ralex Logistics

They were accompanied by all the staff who visited and shared the New Year with the beneficiaries of Purpose Rwanda where they bought health insurance for them.

Mr. Macumu Joseph of Purpose Rwanda with Alexis Rusagara

Well as Purpose Rwanda operates in Rwanda as a Capacity building and psychosocial nonprofit organization that focuses on fighting Poverty through Life Purpose Development and support by discovering, developing, empowering, and deploying Purposeful Agents of Transformation to cause change and transformation in their communities

Let’s not just focus on only business and forget about the work of giving charity to the needy through the Christian organization Purpose Rwanda, Purpose Rwanda is a non-profit organization that aims to unite Rwandans and show them a positive vision in groups, through worship of God, Purpose Rwanda aims to at least every Rwandan should have one caregiver who is addicted to drugs or other evil deeds that have enslaved some Rwandans, and helped him to prosper

Ralex Logistics Ltd on January 2 this year met with officials and some of Purpose Rwanda’s beneficiaries and handed over a cheque for five hundred thousand francs (500,000Frw). Ralex Logistics Director Mr. Rusagara Alexis in his address to the participants of the grant ceremony told them that he has joined Purpose Rwanda in the fight to get rid of the enslaved and drug addicts and sleepers, Ralex will not hesitate to show his support for the good of the Rwandan people by withdrawing in the evil

Mr. Anyama Charles, CEO of Purpose Rwanda, expressed his sincere gratitude to Ralex Logistics and said that this support will reach the beneficiaries very quickly and will help them to thrive, pointing out that some have already left prostitution but there is still a paragraph left to express capable and development

Agaba Ark Bruno, Purpose Rwanda’s Servant and Coordination Officer, said he did not see the gratitude of Rwandans who felt the need to meet the drug addicts, saying that God had raised Ralex Logistics to raise others. Agaba says plans are afoot to launch a website that will provide all the information to the beneficiaries as they progress.

A former prostitute we changed the name to (Sarah) said that where Purpose Rwanda got them from was so bad they didn’t expect to go back, their main focus is development, she said that in prostitution she got the HIV virus but that she was also campaigning in her group and had to change many

A man named Kanyoni, whose name has not been changed since his testimony was widely used as former drug addicts, thefty, raping and anti-security officials, said there was no such thing as receiving salvation and knowing God and trying to teach others from sin and conviction, “I was called Kanyoni but because the former Saul became Paul and now my name is SIMPUNGA Jean Bosco) I will do my best and bring others as I was before and work together to serve Heaven and Rwanda

Following the ceremony, Ralex Logistics staff took the opportunity to review the company’s current status and to learn about its vision in the day-to-day operations of Customs Assisted Vendors.

Some Ralex Logistics employees

Ralex Logistics Ltd is not forgotten by all its customers because Mr. Rusagara Alexis said that they are all appreciated for their incomparable cooperation and that Ralex Logistics will not hesitate to give them all the best and at prices they will not find anywhere else this year.

Alexis Rusagara, one of the customers who praised on top is Tom Transfers as a good customer who worked well together and collaborated on many products, Rusagara Alexis says “now we have brought a pickup truck and we are going to give them all outstanding service

Tom Transfers is also well-known for selling and renting cars and apartments


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