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Bugesera:” YOMADO” urges parents to discuss sexual reproductive health topics with their children in order to prevent premature pregnancies amongst adolescents

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It is common known that sexually abused children/youth are always at high risk in our community so their parents are encouraged to discuss sexual reproductive health related topics in way to prevent those sexual abuses among their children.

It is in this context that the organization “YOMADO”, funded by PLAN INTERNATIONAL RWANDA, has decided to further sensitize Rwandans to talk to their children about reproductive health& rights and avoid the culprits of sexual abuses, violence, harassment& assaults.

In effort to combat sexual violence, the organization calls on the public to provide information of the crime scene early, and the victim to be taken to the Isange One Stop Center.

Emmanuel Nshimiyimana, Executive Director of YOMADO, says that the more parents will discuss sexual reproductive health related topics with their children and what is sexual reproductive health by let them make free choices and decisions but informed ones, the more adolescent pregnancies will be reduced.

What we are asking parents to do is to talk to their children about reproductive health so that they can better understand the changes they face in their lives as they grow up and this will make them be more aware of the changes in their body and better avoid engaging in sexual misconduct which expose them to various sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS.”

“In collaboration with the organization YOMADO,we are going to sensitize every actors and parents to teach their children about sexual reproductive health in order to boost their efforts to combat sexual violence in our community and this is key to national development”. Says GASANA John, JADF Officer at Bugesera district.

“if parents take time to discuss with their children about sexual reproductive health telling them about changes in their lives and how to behave in every stage, they will become healthier adults and they will play a big role in building a Rwanda that we want. he added

Murekatete, a 35-years-old resident of Bugesera district, Ruhuha sector, thanks YOMADO for coming on time and train them about sexual reproductive health and rights, that now they know how to talk to their children about sexual reproductive health and that they will let them also know they have rights especially right to justice when they are abused.

“From now on, we are going to teach our children more about everything related to sexual reproductive health and how to protect themselves from sugar daddies so that they will not be deceived by various gifts,” she said.
Parents, caregivers and everyone, let us work together to combat sexual violence, especially the violence done to young women, as it has a serious negative impact on them and the community at large, such as: Depression, Premature Pregnancy, Infections/ Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) like HIV / AIDS, school dropouts and premature marriage.
Avoid concealing the crime of child molestation, if you witness a violence happening just contact your local authorities or call the Isange One Spot Center 3512 and RIB 166 for free.

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