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More than 2.5 million students are supported by the USAID Read Learn Project

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More than 2.5 million students in all thirty districts of the country have been funded by the USAID-Read Knowledge project to improve basic literacy in Kinyarwanda at the primary level of primary schools in each state and subsidized by the government. 

The five-year project, implemented by Chemonics International, in collaboration with the Rwanda Board of Education (REB) and the National Institute for Examinations and Inspection of Schools (NESA), celebrates their achievements and the legacy they left.

Some of the achievements included the training of all Kinyarwanda Teachers in the Primary School. There are also about 6 million textbooks, textbooks, teacher’s books, student readings, and large-size school cards hanging in schools across Rwanda.

The Read Umenye project has designed and installed 13,500 libraries where each classroom has a library. Each library includes storybooks for reading at school and at home. This has led students to improve their reading skills from the level of those who are unable to read a word to the correct level of reading as expected in the standard classes.

USAID Director Jonathan Kamin was impressed by the achievements of the project. He said that in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Rwanda Board of Primary Education, we have helped primary school students achieve their basic reading skills. Fireplace.

he added that they have chosen to support literacy in their native language because it is what helps students in everything else to learn and better plan for their future. It is well known that the ability to read is the key to success in school and to the achievement of the National Development Goals. We are determined to continue to support the Government of Rwanda in improving the quality of education.

The Minister of State for Primary and Secondary Education, Gaspard Twagirayezu, said at the ceremony that he was grateful for the legacy of the project and all the support it has received from schools. “Read Umenye has worked closely with education officials from the Ministry level to the school level to strengthen the quality of education in the early stages of primary education.

Read Project Learn to distribute textbooks in primary schools to each classroom, train each teacher, and school principals and provide them with small computers and other equipment to become learning leaders, and the Read One Project in partnership with the National Center The National Examinations and Supervisory Board (NESA) sets standards and prepares a reading test that now provides information to each student to better understand the corrections and decision-making decisions in the National Policy. ”

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is the agency that helps foreigners in the U.S. government. USAID supports Rwanda with programs in health, economic development, education, and democracy and governance.

Dr. Nelson Mbarushimana, Director General of the Rwanda Education Board (REB) said that the project has been successful and has increased capacity both at the Ministry of Primary Education (REB) and at the regional, sector, and local levels. ‘school.

He also praised the speedy project in support of REB in launching the distance learning program when schools were closed in March 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic. “Read Umenye was one of the first partners to start teaching distance education (Radio) to keep children at home.

Read Learn about the collection of Kinyarwanda lessons broadcast on the radio and we will continue to encourage schools to use these courses in a collaborative way of teaching. They also support the use of reading aids, including PDF story books, video reading, and digital books, as well as sign language used in Rwanda. All of this is now available to all students and parents through the REB website. Beneficiaries.

Samuel Munana, Director General of the Rwanda Association for the Deaf in Rwanda, said that Soma Umenye had played a key role in supporting education in Rwanda. The National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) is concluding a sign-language dictionary in Rwanda, which is the first important step.

Read Umenye has been instrumental in the preparation of textbooks including sign language used in Rwanda, helping to compile a dictionary of Braille, and also to the preparation of reading books written in Braille.
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