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Usaid continues to support and develop basic reading and writing skills

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USAID Director General in Rwanda Jonathan Kamin visited GS Nyamata Catholic School in Nyamata Sector, Bugesera District, to meet with teachers and education officials in the sector and the region. USAID continues to work with the Government of Rwanda to develop basic literacy skills for children in all public and government-sponsored schools in Rwanda.

Some of the activities planned during the visit include visiting the teacher at the school, following the lesson and consulting with the district education authorities to see together the information from the 1st Year Basic English Examination (LEGRA) conducted by the 1st year students. 3 in this year 2021.

Since 2016, USAID Soma Umenye has partnered with the Rwanda Board of Primary Education (REB) to support and promote the culture of reading. This collaboration focuses on the training of all Kinyarwanda teachers in the first grade of primary school and the principals of those schools. The partnership also focused on the development and distribution of more than six million primary school materials including student books, teacher books, teacher textbooks including student reading stories and a spreadsheet.

Read Knowledge has also established libraries in each classroom from Year 1 to Year 3 with additional reading books at the student level, so that students can continue to practice reading at school and at home. During the ceremony, the Director General of USAID in Rwanda announced that USAID will continue to support the development of basic capacity through two new projects. “USAID is committed to continuing to work with the Ministry of Education and the Rwanda Board of Primary Education (REB) to improve the quality of education. Efforts will continue to be made to help primary school students achieve their basic abilities, including reading ability which is considered a cornerstone in their success in school.

I am proud that USAID will continue to support the development of literacy through our two new projects, one focusing on supporting quality education in schools and the other focusing on USAID Schools and Systems activity and USAID Homes. and Communities activity). At the district meeting, the Director General of REB, Dr. Nelson Mbarushimana, appreciating USAID / Rwanda’s support through the Soma Umenye project, said: “We are very pleased with Soma Umenye’s work with the REB. Schools and education authorities must continue to monitor literacy so that students do not lose their achievement and not lose the efforts that have been put in place over the past five years.

Together we should contribute to the development of literacy, which is the foundation of our children’s success in school and out in real life. ” GS Nyamata Catholique principal Marie Goreth Mukarindiro said teachers were now able to better understand their students’ reading and writing skills, which would help them to monitor them in particular. “We thank NESA and Read Learn that they have set up a LEGRA review.

This assessment helps us identify students who need special help and the results we discuss as a school to take steps to help students learn better. ” The USAID Read Know project is nearing completion in December 2021 but USAID will continue to support basic literacy in Rwanda through two new five-year projects mentioned above, which will be launched in 2022.

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