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Rubavu: Covid-19 cross-border testing guaranteed for two weeks instead of 72 hours

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Daily users of the Rwanda-Congo border are happy to be extended their Covid 19 test warranty from 14 days to 14 days.

One of the changes that has taken place for the use of the Rubavu-Goma border in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is that all passers-by are first tested for Covid-19 and show a travel license (Laisser Passer or Passport); while many were previously given a one-day (Jetton) paper.

Those who make these daily trips are happy that the testing is inexpensive, as it has gone from $ 45-50 (between $ 42,000 and $ 50,000, which is still in the DRC), and from ten thousand (rapid test) in Rwanda to five thousand.

The advantage is that the Covid-19 tester takes two weeks to get the test again, which is different from Kigali and elsewhere in Rwanda in that the rate becomes invalid after just three days. Traffic was light at this time of year, as they were previously absent: they were crossing for free, and now they are required to obtain a travel permit and a check-up.

Rugamba is one of the few traders using the border known as Petite Barrière to say that they are happy that the government has extended the Guarantee for testing because they do not get the test money every 3 days.

“We are very happy that the government has come to our senses, as I am currently working in Congo when you feel like I am always paying five every three days and I can’t, only there is a government that has extended the guarantee days from three to 14,” he said. While Murekatete Agnes, a vegetable and fruit trader (tomato, soybean and fruit), will be imported from Rwanda to Congo DR, he is pleased that the 19-day Covid test warranty has been extended from three days to 14 days; that she is going to work hard and make a lot of money and support her family because her husband has no other job.

In an interview with Covid 19, Dr Karamage Axelle said that the fact that the ribs were given a 14-day guarantee for the Rapid Test was because they used to work in Congo. Churches are a way to make it easier for them to do their business well.

All government agencies continue to work together to ensure that the people continue to work for their livelihood but also to prevent the epidemic, given that the Ministry of Trade in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Local Government and the Rwanda National Police.

As of March 2020, the Covid 19 epidemic has disrupted trade and other projects, and small businesses crossing the Goma-Rubavu border have also been left unattended.

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