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Huye: Youth urged to respond upon vaccination call

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Some of the youth who have been able to get the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine are urging their peers to get vaccinated and stop  having a wrong mentality that the pandemic only spreads to the adults.

In an interview conducted by sponsored by the MIC (Media Impacting Community),some of the youths in Huye and Gisagara districts that we interviewed and had gotten vaccinated urged their colleagues to  get vaccinated early as a mean to control the further spread of the virus.

Uwigeneye Liliane who is 21 years old, says when she heard they started vaccinating young people, she took the initiative to get vaccinated at once and  now she feels safe but further continue to take precautionary measures to safe guard others too.

“What I would  advice my fellow youth is to follow all the set guidelines or measures that have been put in place but most especially this call to get vaccinated. ”she said

Hakizimana Aron, 19, says young people should take the call for all to get vaccinated seriously as it is not a matter of the elderly alone.

“ The youth have to know that things aren’t easy since the outbreak of the  covid-19 pandemic, therefore upon my fellow youth to get vaccinated while the opportunity is still open as we have to continue and live our lives normally, it also attacks the elderly  and even the children ,so let us all be responsible and adhere to the measures put in place by the ministry of health to reduce the further spread of the virus,” he said.

It is in this context that Dr. Mpunga Tharcise from Ministry of Health called upon the public not to think that covid-19  does not attack the youth.

“When we look at how Covid-19 started to get to Rwanda, 60% of those infected with Covid-19, are people between the ages of 20 and 39 out of the testing we do on a daily basis, that is, that is the stage of ‘young people, but the majority of those who die are the elderly are in their 80s and 90s.” he said.



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