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Women Urged to Be First in protecting the Environment and Biodiversity

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This was stated at the Nile Basin Discourse Forum (NBDF) on Tuesday, which was intended to conserve water as a natural resource for the conservation of the biodiversity network in the Nile Basin countries.

Some of the women who attended the general assembly were asked to play an important role in environmental conservation, as the consequences of neglect are the most disruptive compared to others. ‘a network of volatile organisms, yet it is also very important in human life.

Verediane Nyiramana, Director of NBDF

The NBDF is committed to strengthening its role in contributing to sustainable development. The NBDF is made up of various non-governmental organizations working in the field of environmental protection and conservation of the biodiversity network.

Safari Emmanuel, who is currently on the board of directors of the (NBDF), says people should not use Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to continue polluting the environment. “In order to better protect the environment we need people who understand it, dedicate to it and leave it as better, some people tend to use covid-19 as an excuse and end up damaging the environment such as water pollution. Using firewood and burning coal, all of which is to avoid it. ”

Crescence Mukantabana, leader of the Reseau de Developpement des Femmes Pauvres, a member of the NBDF, says it is important for women to take care of water resources, the environment such as forests and other facilities that make life easier for the world’s population because at least, women they are the first to forgive. “In fact, women should be at the forefront of environmental conservation and ecosystems: there is violence on the rivers when people go to the watering hole or when they go to the forest. So, Woman. she must be at the forefront of all this because water is life, the life of a woman in the family ”.

Verediane Nyiramana, Director of NBDF, says that although the impact of Covid-19 has led to many delays, environmental protection should not be left out because it is the foundation of the future. “Even though Covid-19 has disrupted so many things, we should not stop caring about the environment because that is the development we are planning for the future,” she said. We have to leave the world looking better than we found it. ”

“A woman plays an important role in the daily life of the family, she is the first to take care of the environment the whole family to live in good health because we are accustomed to the working  and doing it with all her heart. The woman must be on the fore- front of all that matters. ”

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