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Four more motorcycle thieves arrested

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Rwanda National Police (RNP) has arrested four more people in operations targeting rackets connected to series of motorcycle robberies, especially in City of Kigali.

The arrest of the quartet on Friday, July 23, in Kamonyi and Muhanga districts came few days after Police also recovered three stolen motorcycles and arrested five people connected to the criminal acts.

The quartet of Obed Nsengiyumva, Jacques Ndungutse, Severin Niyonsaba and Francois Mudahemuka was showed to the media on Saturday, July 24, at Kigali Metropolitan Police Headquarters in Remera, Gasabo District.

RNP spokesperson, CP John Bosco Kabera said that Police first arrested Obed Nsengiyumva on Friday at Ruyenzi in Runda Sector, Kamonyi District, with two stolen motorcycles.

At the time, Nsengiyumva was transporting the two motorcycles stolen in Kigali, on a pick-up vehicle enroute to Muhanga, where he intended to disassemble them.

While speaking to the media, Nsengiyumva disclosed that he had stolen the motorcycles earlier that day in Nyabugogo, Nyarugenge District using a master key.

“I started stealing motorcycles in May this year after mine was also stolen by an unidentified person. I was arrested yesterday (Friday, July 23) in Kamonyi district with two motorcycles, which I stole from parking lots in Nyabugogo, put them in a pick-up. I was transporting them to Muhanga in the garage called ’Niyomana spare parts garage’ where with the help of mechanics, we intended to disassemble them,” Nsengiyumva narrated

The garage located in Ruvumera Village, Gahogo Cell, Nyamabuye Sector of Muhanga District is owned by Francois Muademuka, who together with his two mechanics, Jacques Ndungutse and Severin Niyonsaba, were allegedly conniving with Nsengiyumva to either disassemble or sell the stolen motorcycles.

Ndungutse and Niyonsaba also admitted that they were involved in disassembling motorcycles brought to them by Nsengiyumva.

“I have been working in this garage for the last two years. The first time, Nsengiyumva brought a motorcycle and asked us to sell it for him, which we did. He went on to bring more motorcycles, most of them which we disassembled and sold spare parts,” said Ndungutse.

He added: “Yesterday (Friday), Nsengiyumva called to inform me that had other two motorcycles to sell, I told him that I did not have money but we agreed that we meet at a petrol station to hide them there as we look for buyers; we were, however, arrested on arrival.”

Niyonsaba also explained that they were selling spare parts to prevent being identified and arrested.

According to Niyonsaba, by the time of their arrested, Nsengiyumva had brought to them six motorcycles, which they bought before disassembling them and selling spare parts

“We were paying him between Rwf200, 000 and Rwf300, 000 for each motorcycle. He (Nsengiyumva) was telling us that the motorcycles belong to his brother working with Rwanda Revenue Authority and that they were seized from smugglers,” Niyonsaba said.

To Mudahemuka, he claimed that he got to know about the criminal dealings in his garage when Ndungutse and Niyonsaba brought two motorcycles.

“Ndungutse and Niyonsaba told me that the motorcycles belong to Nsengiyumva, and I urged them not to work with him after suspecting that they were stolen. My only regret is that I had these suspicions and I did not report to security organs, for which I ask for forgiveness,” Mudahemuka said

David Nkusi is among the victims and his motorcycle is one of the two that Police impounded at Ruyenzi.

“I parked my motorcycle outside the market in Nyabugogo on Friday, July 23, where I had gone to buy goods. However, when I came back, I could not find it where I had parked it. My motorcycle had a GPS, so when I reported to the Police it became easy to locate it and arrest the thieves,” Nkusi said.

RNP spokesperson, CP John Bosco Kabera advised people involved in these criminal activities to try other legal business.

“It is easier to track and arrest such criminals especially when there is information. Two days ago, we paraded five people who were also behind theft of motorcycles and we are here again today with these four, who were found with two other stolen motorcycles. The previous group was luring taxi-moto operators to their ambushes and this group was using master keys. Whatever method you use, you will be identified and arrested to face the law,” CP Kabera warned.

He further reminded owners and managers of garages to take precautionary measures to prevent and report such criminal activities with in their premises.

Theft under article 166 of the law determining offences and penalties in general, attracts an imprisonment of between one and two years and a fine of not less than Frw1 million but not more than Frw2 million, a community service of six months or one of these penalties.

However, in article 167, the penalty doubles if the crime was committed at night or by more than one person.

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