COVID-19: Three more deaths, 189 recoveries

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The Ministry of Health has reported that three people have succumbed to COVID-19 pandemic, 189 have recovered while 146 caught the virus out of 2665 sample tests.

The deceased include two men aged 85 and 77 from Kigali as well as a 43-year old man from Gicumbi district.

Rwanda confirmed the first COVID-19 on 14th March 2020. Since then, 18 199 have been tested positive out of 980 705 sample tests of whom 16 992 have recovered, 955 are active cases while 252 have succumbed to the virus.

The Ministry of Health has also reported that 13 patients are critically ill.

Coronavirus symptoms include coughing, flu, and difficulty in breathing. The virus is said to be transmitted through the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Rwandans are urged to adhere to COVID-19 health guidelines, washing hands frequently using soaps and safe water, wearing face masks and respecting social distancing.

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