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Tanzania Silences Institutions Over Coronavirus Presence

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Tanzania silences all institutions to stop talking about Coronavirus since the government has not verified any case.

This was after one college produced a document warning students of the potential presence of the virus in the country.

While denouncing the University vice Chancellor’s warning, the government warned all institutions against using the government emblems whenever they express their personal opinion

Professor Elifasi Tozo Bisanda warned the student community of the virus and also expressed his concerns in the recent deaths that involved several university scholars

The government however despised the warning and urged the student to continue with their normal study.

“The ministry is issuing a warning to officials and staff of the ministry of education, science and technology, and its institutions to refrain from using government emblems when expressing personal opinions,” reads a statement from the government

Several institutions including churches have hinted at the presence of Covid-19 in Tanzania, however, the current administration headed by President John Pombe Magufuli has maintained that Tanzania is free of Covid-19.

The U.S. has also said that there is a higher possibility the there is coronavirus in Tanzania and advised its citizens against traveling to the country

There a section of Tanzanians who are thinking that it is time to break the silence now.

There are have been concerns of deaths that have not clear causes and many of them are believed to have been caused by the pandemic.

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