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French former president Nicolas Sarkozy visits again Rwanda

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Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy is in Rwanda for a private visit following the previous one in 2018 where he stayed in Rwanda for two days.

Kagame meets former French president Sarkozy | The New Times | Rwanda

Sarkozy and President Kagame then in 2018

Sarkozy was the French president between 2007 and 2012. He is the only French president who visited Rwanda after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi on 25th February 2010.

At the time, he admitted that his country had made “grave errors of judgment” by France politicians in Opération Turquoise alluding to tragic history that befell Rwanda during the genocide.

Sarkozy visit to Rwanda is being regarded as a good opportunity to visit some touristic attractions of the country especially gorillas in Virunga National Park which he visited on Thursday.

As he visited Rwanda in 2018, Sarkozy was along with a group of French investors who came to explore investment opportunities in the country. The business mission was composed of investors from French multinational firm Bolloré that included executive Cyrille Bolloré.

The visit yielded big that Vivendi Group, a subsidiary of Bolloré Holdings belonging to Cyrille Bolloré accepted to invest US$40 million in different projects at Kigali Cultural Village located in Rebero, Kicukiro district.

At the time, Sarkozy visited Inema Arts and spent one night in Rwanda. With his private jet, he resumed his journey to Abidjan in Ivory Coast.

Sarkozy is one of France leaders who strived to restore relations with Rwanda.

Three months later, President Paul Kagame also visited France as he attended the Francophonie Summit that took place in Nice.

He has been hailing Kagame’s leadership explaining that it takes extra-ordinary efforts to rebuild a country like Rwanda shaken by Genocide.

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