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RRLI calls on Religious leaders to convince their followers on the need to castigate gender based violence

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The umbrella of Rwanda Religious Leaders’ Initiative has called on different Religious leaders to increase the mobilization with regard to explaining to their followers about the dangers of gender based violence, as there isn’t any where God approved it in the Holy Bible.

The call was made on Monday 24th August 2020, when during the training for different Religious Leaders in Rwanda, where they learnt about  the better methods of fighting Gender based violence, through mobilization by Religious Groups, most especially during this COVID-19 period.

The Executive Secretary of Rwanda Religious Leaders’ Initiative, Nkurunziza Alex, highlighted that it wasn’t proper  to sideline the role of religions as far as eradicating gender based violence.

He had this to say, Religious people are among the opinion leaders within the Rwandan society, as they have many followers.

It is therefore in this context that we find it imperative to include them in this crucial struggle meant to protect the Rwandan society.”

Nkurunziza pointed out that the fact that the clergy leads in opinion, they ought apply the same energy as as as sensitization is concerned, thereby spreading  the information calling on the citizenry to castigate  gender based violence.

He said, ‘’ they are the people who are trusted in all localities, people entrust hem with secrets, what is uttered by them it taken as the Heavenly truth. W e find them essential as far as fighting gender based violence and types of violence as synonymous to sideling a very strong force, which is helpful to change all the above mentioned.”

He reiterated that even in the holy books there isn’t any where God supports gender based violence, therefore, it is important to base on that while mobilizing.

He said, while emphasizing the fact that even God they believe in doesn’t approve Gender Based Violence, they should have unmistakable role that’s when many Rwandans trust the message, thus changing some of their practices.

Sheikh Uwizigira Aisha who represented the Islam religious Group said that explanations about Gender Based Violence will enhance a positive impact.  

HE said, Sometimes a person can exercise GenderBased violence because of not knowing about it. This training has fully explained to us, thus we are in a good position of explaining to others.”

Uwazigira said that within Islam, they value women and girls, lest, they can’t support any action, which is meant to demean them.

He said, “As far as Islam is concerned, a girl is a symbol of blessing. Islamism value a girl child as the same as a boy child within the family. Good education is about equipping a girl child with knowledge more than a boy child a girl is the foundation of a good family, as she cares very much on the child’s upbringing.”

The International Organization which cares for the population’s activities (UNFP) recently indicated that within the research it had carried out said that if the lock down continues for at least 6 months there are will be seven million (7) unwanted pregnancies within the developing countries, and thirty one (31) millionwomen will encounter gender based violence where as thirteen (13) children will be married off at a younger age.  


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