BK trains farmers to use IKOFI

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Bank of Kigali (BK) is training agricultural assistants to also train farmers on how to use the Ikofi brand to get loans.
The training which will last for 15 days is expected to facilitate agriculturalists with skills to get loans from BK and becapable of buying seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other farm inputs.
BK together with Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB),  expect  the ’Smart Nkunganire’ program to also facilitate farmers and middle men or vendors to trade their products using the BK Ikofi technology.  

Gatabazi Egide, RAB’s Nkunganire Program Director, said that farmers will be capable of meet standards of modern agriculture.

The Smart Nkunganire  payment system through BK IKOFI technology will help farmers do their work irrespective of the  Coronavirus challenges.

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