Kayonza:The secret behind Ubumwe Vision Ltd brewery in processing IBANGA RY’UBUKI drink

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Ubumwe vision ltd is a factory which is located in KayonzaDistrict, Mukarange Sector, and it processes a drink known as IBANGA RY’UBUKI, whereby it processed using honey, ginger, teyi, umucyayicyayi and tea leaves.

Apart from the sweet taste of the drink, which has made it the darling of many people, most importantly it is beneficial to our health, because its ingredients. These explanations were made by the staff member of this factory, who is responsible for production, quality and the taste of this beverage, who is BENIMANA Jean de Dieu.

Benimana reiterated to the press that whenever they are processing the drink, IBANGA RY’UBUKI, they consider quality as the first priority, by using natural ingredients which are easily available in Rwanda, in line with the promotion of MADE IN RWANDA program.

He reiterated that the honey they use is the chosen one with the required standard in     order to process an excellent sweet drink which is useful to the consumers.

The management of Ubumwe Vision Ltd took the journalists toshow them the factory where it manufactures modern items it uses through the application of technology they also apply it to protect the drink. Despite the fact that the factory has the requirements which are issued by Rwanda Bureau of Standards, however, they say that they don’t work under the supervision, because their priority is to give Rwandans a drink which is good and useful to their heal, according to MURWANSHYAKA Issa, The Managing Director of Ubumwe Vision Ltd.  

The Managing Director reiterated that throughout the period they have spent while working, he is happy that they are gradually progressing, whether in the working structure, as well as the popularity among the clientele, because the drink they produce is useful to the customers, and quenching their thirst.

He said, “Though COVID-19 hindered our progress, our clients will never face any problem, because we will do our best so as to continuously give them a good and healthy drink which is qualitative in the making.

Whenever you walk around the factory of UBUMWE Vision Ltd, it is characterized by modern equipment whether the machinery that processes the drink, the technology they apply as well as the staff which is very conversant with the methods of work. These are the precursors of producing a good and healthy drink, which is popular.

Murwanashyaka says that they have different objectives with regard to the expansion of their activities, by procuring some of the requirements, because today, they are engaged in the growing of teyi, ginger, and imicyayicyayi just near the factory, and his vision is to have it parked in a way that facilitates its exportation in other countries.

We enquired as to how the livelihood of the staff is, according to Murwanashyaka. Shakila Mukantwari who is the receptionist, who had this to say, “My welfare changed, in comparison to how I was before joining Ubumwe Vision Ltd factory, because the factory saved me from unemployment and it enabled me to get the primary needsa person requires in life, where she pointed out that as long as she will continue to work for the factory, she will be striving to fulfill her obligations, thereby helping her to improve her welfare, because their employer pays them well and in time.

The Manager too told the press that the quality of the drink is strictly adhered until it reaches on the Gahangaza Jean Baptiste, The Manager in Ubumwe Vision Ltd pointed out that they resolved to counter the ones who claim to be the agents of the factory thud selling hteirproduct, thereby damaging their reputation.

Nemeyimana Emmanuel, an employee who represented other staff members said that he is very thankful to the Managing Director for having helped them during the COVID-19 Lock Down, because there wasn’t any single employee who was chased, and the factory helped the workers to get food, while others were assisted to get accommodation, in addition to that, NEMEYIMANA further says he is proud to see how the Managing Director treats them, because he has turned into a relative, other being the Boss, as a result of the advice he gives them, because of that, he is prepared to boost his personal welfare, by having a family thus transforming his life in a tangible way.

The Managing Director of the factory requests Rwandans in general to continue taking preventive measures against the pandemic of COVID-19, by abiding to the directives from the responsible authorities, hence asking the clientele of the factory to continue the cooperation, because they too are ready to continue providing them with a good drink.

The Managing Director of the factory requests the administration to be in closer contact and to assist them so as to enable them counter COVID-19 pandemic, which include excessive loss.

MurwanashyakaIssa, has proved to be a good example to other youth members, who are still fearful in the context of employment creation, because Issa too is still in the youth group, however, he know what to do, with regard to helping government to register the objective he made, by helping others to get employment opportunities, as well as improving the yield of the surrounding neighbors, who have what the factory requires, because they buy the requirements at a good price.

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