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Locals in Karongi Call for increased Covid-19 sensitization campaigns

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Resindents in Karongi District have called on the government and local authorities to put in more efforts in Covid 19 sensitization campaigns so as to help them not to forget about the risks the pandemic poses and the best ways to safeguard self from it.  

Ever since the government started the gradual opening of the economy easing of local down measures with opening of economy, Moto-tax services and inter- party provinces movements of public transport and private vehicle most people have gradually moved away from the other forms of preventing the spreading the dreaded virus like washing hands with soap and keeping a social distance thinking  wearing of mask has replaced the others.

Mukeshimana Vanaste from Gitovu cell, Cyanya village Gishyita sector says earlier when the lockdown had started people followed or the guidelines put in place by the government to the core but however with easing of the lockdown most people have now resorted to only wearing masks thinking it’s an alternative to the other two.

“When we still under total lockdown people used to respect the government and follow all the guideline but ever the opening and easing of the local down most people are no longer washing their hands or even social distancing, they just putting on masks in enough which is not right,” Mukeshiman Said.

“I think the government should put emphasis on increased sensitization so as people can be reminded that mask don’t substitute the other forms of prevention like washing hands regular and keeping a social distance.

Mbonimpa Emmanuel a trader in Rubendera town says more efforts are needed in sensitization campaigns so as to make people remain alert as laxity can catastrophic consequences.

“Just imagine if people continue to not wash their hands?” He asks. “Washing hands in our day today is very much recommended to safeguard over selves from diseases including Cholera among others but in era of Corona Pandemic everyone should be encouraged   through sensitization to wash their hands regularly and social distance as it is the best way to Keep safe,” He added.

Mukarutesi Vestine the district mayor as the district sensitization has been key in everything they did to keep people safe and the success so far achieved can be partly attributed to it.

“ We acquired megaphones for every cell, they are operated by people we trained who go houses across the whole districts reminding and sensitizing people about corona virus  and how to keep safe ie washing hands regularly, social distancing and mandatory wearing of masks at all times when in public”

She adds “Community health workers have been key people in sensitization of communities in the district with all homes in the districts having been visited by them several times to tell them about these disease”

She says the districts know the importance of sensitization and won’t to do it but will also put in more efforts and resources so as to keep the community safe.

Ndushabandi Charles

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