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Nyanza: Residents test for HIV to know their health status

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To continue commemorating the AIDS International Day, Aids Health Care Foundation (AHF) Rwanda was in Nyanza district where residents were freely tested for HIV virus and granted free condoms.

 The commemoration event took place on Monday December 3 2018 and the residents of the district appreciated the foundation by youths   played a match dedicated  to the fight against AIDS epidemic among them. The winners were awarded cash prizes and AHF Rwanda bags.

The match dubbed ‘Fight against HIV/AIDS’ before kick off

The football match’s theme was, “Let us prevent from HIV virus by testing and seeking better health.”

Elasme Ntazinda, the district mayor, said that AHF Rwanda partnership has enabled the voluntary testing and 1.3% tested positive but there is need to test many at large.

AHF-Rwanda helps us to know how the HIV prevalence rate is in the district. This year in all that tested in the district 1.3% were found infected and started taking treatment, and we are making a follow up to see if they use the prescription correctly.”

Elasme Ntazinda, the district mayor

 Ntazinda notes that this year will close with all the locals knowing their HIV-health status and whoever is positive starts  taking free treatment. Those that will not have tested positive for HIV will be advised to continue prevention and also sensitize others to use condoms donated by AHF Rwanda for free.

AHF -Rwanda ( Aids Health Care Foundation)activities employed to fight HIV/AIDS:

-Free Condom Distribution

-Prepex or testing personally without need for a medical staff

-Free HIV testing

Dr. Pascal Ngiruwonsanga, Nyanza Medical doctor, made a notification on the status of HIV/AIDS in the district.

In Nyanza district, 4.616 are on HIV treatment. With AHF Rwanda partnership we complement each other in fighting the epidemic by circumcising men, free HIV/AIDS testing where voluntarily tested people that are found positive immediately are referred to start taking free treatment. Those that cannot abstain use condoms freely donated.”

                                              Youths danced in appreciation of  AHF-Rwanda assistance

Speaking to,   AHF Rwanda, Dr. Brenda Assiimwe Kateera, said that they are continuously helping Rwandans to fight HIV/AIDS because the epidemic threatening the world.

“HIV virus threatens the world, that is why we must fight it adversely. AHF Rwanda foundation we are committed to give all essential help needed to fight the epidemic which is, circumcision, voluntary HIV testing to know your health status, giving antiretroviral treatment to positively living people, advising expectant mothers to produce in agreed health centers so that they have children free of the virus and those that fail to abstain have free condoms.”


AHFRwanda Country Director, Dr. Brenda Assiimwe Kateera

At the country level,  People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) are 3%, out of which 1.3% live in Nyanza district.

AHF-Rwanda,  has been operating  Rwanda  from 2006, complementing the Ministry of Health in implementing programs employed to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic by  making interventions in awareness campaigns and at the health centers in different districts.


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