Musanze:AHF Rwanda, donates condoms, testes freely for HIV/AIDS

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During this years commemoration of the annual AIDS International Day, Aids Health Care Foundation (AHF Rwanda) that complements government in fighting the epidemic and caring for People Living with HIV/AIDS donated free condoms to people that attended.

Dr. Patrick Ndimubanzi, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, said that Rwanda wishes to be free of new HIV infections by 2030.

The AIDS International Day was commemorated in Musanze district at the national level where AHF Rwanda tested for free people for HIV and gave contraceptive advice to parents on family planning.

On Saturday November 30 to December 1 the whole World commemorates the AIDS International Day.

Dr Brenda Asimwe Katera,  AHF Rwanda Director 

Dr Brenda Asimwe Katera, AHF Rwanda Director, said the foundation intends to extend closer medicines or Antiretrovirals to People Living with HIV/AIDS and advicing them to use them and also accepting to be circumcised.

“This foundation has to help people living with HIV/AIDS by giving them medicine that reduces the effects of the virus, assisting boys and men to test for the virus, advising men and women on family planning and those that cannot comply be given free condoms to help the prevent from acquiring Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs),”she said.

Dr. Patrick Ndimubanzi, Minisante Permanent Secretary, on behalf of the ministry said that even although there are measures to prevent the acquisition of  HIV infection and to fight AIDS, there is still a large number of people indulging in unprotected sexual relations that also don’t test to know their health status. 

“Those that don’t test are 85%, we are assessing how the remaining  15% can test for HIV and we shall achieve that by engaging in awareness campaigns including new approaches where a person can test without visiting a doctor,” he said.

Dr.Sabin  Nsanzimana,Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control secretary, said that statistics show that every year there is 12000 new HIV infections and 240000 are PLHIV.

This new approach to controlling and preventing HIV/AIDS is additional to other programs in place that are used in the fight against the epidemic.

Speaking to,  Frank Mugabo, 62 year old, appreciated AHF Rwanda saying that the foundation has a good perception evidenced by extending free condoms to them especially in hot spots.

“I am very thankful, this is a valuable act, AHF Rwanda continue from there because it is what helps us to prevent from acquiring and spreading HIV virus and acquiring other STDs,” he said.

 Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi, the Northern Province Governor, said there is a 2.3% infected people additional to 2600 girls under 18 years withmisconceived pregnancies exclusive of those that aborted which are many. 

Peter Vrooman, the United States Ambassador, said that every year the US governments donates $100 million to programs actively fighting the epidemic.

The Ministry of Health notes that in every four people, one of them doesn’t know their health status as regards HIV/AIDS.

People attend the AHF Rwanda HIV/AIDS fight campaigns where free condoms and testing are granted 

-Free Condom Distribution

– Prepex or personal testing

-Free HIV testing

AHF started its operations in Rwanda in 2006,to complement the government to fight HIV/AIDS  by engaging populations in awareness campaigns and assisting health centers in treatment medical services.

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