Residents of Gatsata get free HIV/AIDS testing

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Under partnership of Aids Health Care Foundation and Gasabo district have organized free HIV/AIDS testing occasion which attracted residents of Gatsata and received results in 15 minutes with free condoms prevent new infections.

The event took place in Gatsata sector in Gasabo district during sunny morning hours attracting all walks of residents at the AHF tents for voluntary testing.

 People could not test for HIV/AIDS because they feared the expense of testing but AHF made that easier by organizing the free testing event.

Uzayisenga Sositene is a 20 year old man decided to know his health status, “Before I feared to test for HIV/AIDS because I could commit suicide if I tested positive. When I heard about the AHF free testing occasion I woke up early and started by me, they found I normal. You know I feared nothing.”

 During the February 13 2015 commemoration of International Condom Day youths said they don’t use the condom because they feel ashamed of buying it public. Now men and women that attended the testing event were received free condoms, explains Safari Olivier assistant secretary Kabuye health center.

“The people we tested were found normal because of the campaigns that are in place to reduce HIV prevalence, but those that feel ashamed of buying condoms, today we made it easier and gave them free condoms.”

When they test a person and are found HIV/AIDS positive they refer them to the nearest health center to have Antiretroviral treatment.

Not only that, when a person test HIV positive they are given free counselling services and ARVs.AHF also helps Ubudehe first category people living with HIV to get Mutuelle de Sante health insurance, explains  Nteziryayo Narcise in charge of prevention of STDs in the non-government organization.

 “When we test someone is positive we ask them where their nearest health centers are from which they can be receiving treatment and their Mutuelle de Sante.”

 Nyiranyamibwa Irene is health secretary at the Gasabo district says that every annual international AIDS day they identify places where many people meet to access testing and counselling which is reason, they tested residents of Gatsata sector.

On many occasions when we decide where to test for HIV we allocate the event where many people meet, and test them, those tested positive are given ARVs and use it as prescribe without stopping. That helps them to continue living with virus and strong because the medicine is given them freely.

The occasion took 2 days, an estimated 493 voluntarily tested and counselled on prevention. And those that tested positive were counselled and received ARVs for free.

During the event 720 condoms were freely given to the residents of the sector and were happy for the service, for Gasabo district and partners AHF Rwanda.

AHF started working in 2006 with objective to complement the Ministry for health in activities to fight HIV prevalence through awareness campaigns and assisting health centers and hospitals.

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